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Welcome to The Business Interchange

Bognor Regis TBI is a vibrant local networking group that hosts fortnightly meetings at the Beachcroft Hotel. The meetings are carried out in a relaxed informal atmosphere and forms a vibrant group of companies and individuals that are keen to pass business referrals with the guaranteed knowledge that they will be acted upon in an enthusiastic and professional manner.

There is a rich mix of businesses from different sectors and we actively facilitate B2B interaction enabling you to develop new connections, raise your local profile and importantly gain valuable new business. There's no pressure to publicly give referrals, just a willingness to pass business around the room.

Bognor Regis TBI is operated on a lock out basis (one company or individual from each business sector) and the membership costs are set at an affordable level for all businesses.


Don’t delay - Join today and lock out your competition! 

 Autumn Lodge

Autumn Lodge

Our Next Meeting is on:

Wednesday 15/12/2021