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How To Join


What does membership include?

  • Fortnightly relaxed networking meetings in an informal atmosphere at the Beachcoft Hotel
  • The opportunity to advertise your business in regular 1 or 10 minute slots
  • Guaranteed lock out of your competition
  • Free breakfast! (cereals, fruit, juices, tea, coffee and a choice from the hotel cooked breakfast menu)
  • Free entry on the members page of the Bognor Regis TBI website including a link through to your own site

Membership fees are paid monthly by standing order and there is an intial joining fee of £30.00 which is payable at the time of joining. We have deliberately set these costs at a particularly low level as the TBI's ethos is to encourage B2B trading in Bognor Regis and surrounding areas. The Bognor Regis TBI is not a commercial enterprise and has set its sights on helping local businesses to increase profits through networking.

We are quite happy to invite local businesses as guests on two occasions after which they are asked to join. Please see the contacts page and inform us of your intention to attend. We will confirm the date of the next meeting and look forward to welcoming you along.

Meetings begin at 7.00am and finish promptly at 8.30am. You are quite welcome to remain afterwards for more networking.

Conditions of Membership

The elected commitee will review all new applications and has the right to accept or refuse membership. Their decision is final and no reason need be given.

The elected commitee is entitled to cancel a membership at any time. Any decision to cancel would be transparent and discussed with the member should they wish to appeal the decision.

The company/enterprise is the member and any employee is entitled to attend. Individuals or companies are welcome to nominate a substitute to attend and promote the members business as well as their own assuming it doesn't clash with an exisitng members business type. A substitute may only attend two meetings after which they will be invited to join.

Only one firm from each business/profession may become a member unless that organisation covers more than one discipline. Should an organisation, which offers a current member’s “secondary” discipline, wish to join, due consideration will be given and will be subject to the consent of the current member.

There is no pressure to pass referals. All referrals must be genuine and members will be expected to follow these through quickly with efficiency and professionalism.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to cut out the competition and succeed!